3 thoughts on “Hello people!

  1. Hello~! Thank you for reading my translations!

    I don’t want to link to them on my main site since they depend on the traffic. If you are curious, the site is here. However, I don’t think spamming them will work to make them stop since they have anti-spam controls in place and they are probably pretty uptight about policing for stuff that could tip off any other unsuspecting users that they are a leeching site. Since without knowing that they are getting their content by stealing it, the site is designed to look rather professional and legitimate.

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    • Those son of bitches really have a good spamming control! They don’t even let people comment other’s comment! Not even forum they have!
      Also, is it alright for people to register and not have a way out? Seems suspicious! At least I did with someone else email (who doesn’t even know english)…….
      Also, what about share in fb or tweeter this information?

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      • Yeah, I don’t think there’s a way to let people know by commenting on their site that the site itself is leeching its content from other translators without permission. Adding links to the translator sites is apparently their way of trying to make it look even more legitimate– probably to deceive the visitors into assuming the translators have given their permission. It’s why I stickied the rant about the leeching in case anyone visits my site from their link.

        But yeah, this is an unfun instance of scamming. 😦

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