Chapter 00 – Being a Cannon Fodder

To some people life is a wonderful thing.

Come here my wives. 

To some people life is a game.

You thought that you had any chance against me? Wrooong~.

To some people life is a challenge.

I will definitely reach the top!

To some people life is a struggle.

I’m not… giving up!

To some people life is a torment.

How long will this last….?

To some people life is hell.

Why…. don’t you…. kill.. me..?….. Please…. let me.. die…….. Let me die…….. please…

To some people life is simply…. boring.

All those views of life intertwine with each other, weaving the reality that we see.

To which way will our life head for can be a mystery, or perhaps not. But all leads to the same end, just when or how it will be that may differ….. or not so much.

In this world of mystics and wonders everything can happen.

Titans, gods, demigods, demons, fairies, spirits, wraths, immortals and mortals walking by through the world.

Tiny happenings blowing in great proportions.

Will even a small life persist through the ordeals? Or fail?

Let the curtains of the spectacle rise!


A heartfelt laughter echoes through some unknown corner of the world at an unknown time, bringing with it……… a thing that shouldn’t have happened, a great cataclysm that affected time and space, known for those who survived as The Great Catastrophe, but to those of another time, in a far past, The Day of the Rainbow Lights…. but such occurrence never happened in their past……..


Author’s notes:

Hello hello~!

This shameless reader had too much imagination blotted up, so I ended up writing this~

Yeah, I made this chapter to be vague like that as to say what the f*ck all happened and those -spoiler spoiler-.

Each italic phrase is for each person, so, you get who it was in the last one, right?